10 Things To Get More Leads From Your Website

Aug 23, 2021 | Website | 0 comments

Get more leads from your website

Do you want to get more of your website visitors contacting you for your products or services? Here are the top 10 things you can do to get more of them contacting you.


  1. Make it easy to contact you, make sure they can find your phone number or email easily.
  2. Write a blog post that speaks to a pain point of your website users and let them know that you’re here and willing to help.
  3. Allow for comments on your website. Comments will usually lead to conversations which might just turn into an appointment.
  4. Have a post that discusses how your specialty fits into solving a customer’s problem that results in their decision to contact you.
  5. Put a call to action ‘buy now’ on every page of your website.
  6. Offer free bonuses or discounts which will get them to click on the call to action and buy from you.
  7. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your website, let your personality shine through, even if it’s just a funny or silly picture or cartoon.
  8. Use social media to get people to your site. Don’t be afraid to ask them for their contact information.
  9. Send out newsletters and emails back and forth with your customers.
  10. If you have a blog post on a subject that connects with your website users, publish it. Then follow it up with something else that is directly related to that subject.
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